The EU Wants Phones to be Easier to Fix

By Gary Cutlack on at

The EU's got a new campaign on the go, and it could make repairing future gadgets less of a pain in the arse. It's putting forward a list of suggestions as to how tech makers might make their products easier to fix, which includes ideas like not glueing components in and adjusting the design so it's easier for independent repairers to disassemble and rebuild gadgets.

Spare parts should be made available for sale too, says the European Parliament thinking, which would also like to see some tests put in place to check for the so-called "built-in obsolescence" that frustrates users when their technical stuff either stops being supported or breaks so badly it can't be repaired.

The EU's Pascal Durand is leading the push, and said: "We must reinstate the reparability of all products put on the market. We have to make sure that batteries are no longer glued into a product, but are screwed in so that we do not have to throw away a phone when the battery breaks down. We need to make sure that consumers are aware of how long the products last and how they can be repaired." [European Parliament]

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