The Twilight Zone Is Coming To the Stage as a New Play

By Charles Pulliam-Moore on at

Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone is one of the most genre-defining bodies of work in 20th century science fiction. Now, nearly 60 years after its original debut on CBS, the series is being reimagined as a stage play premiering in London later this year.

Opening this December, The Twilight Zone is being adapted from Serling’s original work by Anne Washburn and directed by Olivier Award winner Richard Jones. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS senior vice president of consumer products Veronica Hart described the the stage play as a new story that honours that source material and its creators:

The Twilight Zone was an ingenious mixture of morality tales, fables and fantasy that are as relevant today as when they first aired. The play allows these powerful stories to be experienced in an entirely new way in order to reach a whole new audience.”

Eearly previews for the play will begin on December 5th at the Almeida Theatre before rolling into a very short engagement that closes on January 27th. Currently, there is no word about the specifics of the play’s plot nor any of its casting. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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