The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

July! Summer! Another month and a half until we get a government-mandated day off work! Remember the good old days when July was the end of school, and meant you had something to look forward to? What is there now? Expensive holiday costs, stupid weather, and kids finishing school and noising up the local area. At least there are summer blockbusters to enjoy, so it's not all bad, just see them before schools finish lest you find your midday screening of War for the Planet of the Apes filled with toddlers.

In the meantime, let's take a look at all these apps shall we?

BBC Taster VR

Free: Android | iOS

From the makers of Planet Earth, it's the BBC's brand new virtual reality app, letting you experience six different environments from around the world. It's includes 360-degree video (obviously), binaural audio (aka 3D sound), interactive elements, and the option to download environments for offline viewing.


Free: Android (Beta)

Don't expect a lot with this one, since it only has one function. It shows you the change logs and update history for your apps, so you can see what's actually changed when you update - without having to navigate through Google Play to do so.


Free (with subscription): Android | iOS

This one is designed to offer you remote access to your PC or Mac, regardless of where you are. That means access to files, emails, programmes, and everything. Alright so it's not that unique, but if you want to be able to get onto your home PC halfway across the world (or down the street) then this is another option for you. You get a seven day free trial, but after that you'll need a subscription.

Media Cutter

Free: Windows

A Windows Movie Maker-like app, letting you create and edit your own videos with a simple, yet effective interface and array of tools. It supports all sorts of formats, lets you track changes in a timeline, and more.

Replaio Radio

Free: Android

This one is a radio player that streams over 30,000 AM and FM radio stations all over the world, absolutely free. It also has a built-in radio alarm clock, a history of all the tracks you've heard (since you can't Shazam the songs being played), reminders for your favourite programmes, and integration with Spotify.

SeeSaw by Netmums

Free: Android | iOS

Summer is coming, and for people with kids that means trying to keep them occupied during the hottest months of the year. SeeSaw takes the edge off, helping you find activities in cities all over the UK, with 140,000 family-friendly activities for kids of all ages to sift through. It even has tools for parents, like the option to find support groups and adult classes. Built in is a mapping service, weather tools, and a calendar, so you can work everything out smoothly.

SignEasy (Update)

Free (with subscription): iOS

Digital signatures are wonderful, and means we don't have to print stuff out, sign it, and scan them back in - just to do something simple. SignEasy lets you sign documents, regardless of what the filetype is, directly from your device. That's not all, it works seamlessly within a variety of apps (like email and cloud storage), and more. The latest update reworks the app from the ground up, with smoother navigation and loading times to make life easier. Just remember, this has a free trial but you will need to either subscribe or pay for signatures in blocks of 10.

The Snail (Update)

£1.99: iOS

An instrument tuner and audio visualiser that's designed to be a digital representation of the human ear, splitting up different audio frequencies and analysing them for you. That's all to make it more precise, and fun to watch. The latest update also comes with a dedicated guitar tuning mode, and a split window mode so you can see more on your screen.

Video Downloader Professional for Edge

Free: Windows

If you use Edge, for whatever reason, you'll be happy to hear that there's now an extension that lets you download videos inside your browser. Why? I don't know. That's up to you. I use something like this for work reasons. It's pretty much a one-function tool, other than the fact it let you access your saved videos later on without having to go hunting through your downloads folder.