The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's always lovely when a bunch of health maladies hit at the same time. I'm currently tackling a cold, an angsty and swollen wisdom tooth, an oncoming cough, and the fact I want to sleep almost all the time. It's been a fun few days, to say the least. But perseverance is a classic British trait, so I soldier on. Plus it's not easy to find someone capable of covering my day job, so I can't really skive and spent a day in a semi-coma.

So I managed to put this together for you all, as I am wont to do. You're welcome.

Daydream (Update)

Free: Android

Daydream now has a brand new homescreen design, letting you see all the best content and experiences Daydream has to offer - without having to go searching for it. You can also see the controller buttons you're pressing while you're wearing the headset, and the controller itself has some little performance improvements.

Fingerprint Gestures

Free: Android

Your fingerprint scanner is useful for far more than just security, and this app lets you use various gestures to perform a variety of different actions on your phone. For instance, hate the digital home button? You can set a tap of the fingerprint scanner to send you to the homescreen instead. Want to lock the screen? Swipe left. Alter the volume by swiping up or down, and all sorts of different things. You're not limited by those gestures either, whatever works best for you is available.


Free: Android | iOS

A parental control app, letting you keep tabs on your kids' phone activities and make sure they're not up to no good. It lets you track their movement with GPS, includes a panic button that'll update you via SMS, a list of their contacts, a log of all their ingoing and outgoing communication, a call blocker, and a task list that sets them assignments. It doesn't seem to have any content blockers, but its a free solution to make sure you can keep tabs on them all the time.


Free: Android

How can you trust the reviews on Amazon are legit, and not some random person with an agenda? KReview uses two popular review analysis services (Fake Spot and ReviewMeta), and offers some insight into the reviews and help you figure out whether you can trust them.


Free: AndroidWindows

A sharing app that links your Windows and Android devices together, if they're all on a local Wi-Fi network. It can be used to share files, links, the contents of your clipboard, photos, and more. If you have a variety of Windows and Android devices in your home, this makes connecting them nice and easy.

Tour De France 2017

Free: Android | iOS | Windows

Cycling fans rejoice, because it's your favourite time of year again. The Tour De France is here, and there's an app you can use to keep track of the whole thing in real time. It's just like the app you may have used in years gone by, just updated for this year's race. It has GPS tracking on all the riders, all the breaking news and videos from the race, and customisable favourites and notifications so you only hear about the riders and teams you actually care about.

The Windows app linked isn't an official one, so it isn't quite as advanced, but it does come with all the necessary info to keep tabs on the race as things progress.

TuneIn Radio (Update)

Free: Android | iOS

TuneIn has been around for a while, letting you listen to over 100,000 radio stations across the world, absolutely free. There's also the premium version that lets you listen to podcasts, ditch adverts, enjoy American sports, and more. The latest update brings a brand new redesign for the whole app, refreshing the feel of the app for your listening enjoyment.


Free: Windows

N0t the operating system in its entirety, but rather an app that gives you access to Ubuntu's Terminal and command line utilities on your Windows device. Should you need a reason for either of them, of which I'm sure there are many.

WhatsApp (Update)

Free: Android | iOS | Windows

The ever-popular Facebook-owned messaging service got a nice update this week, letting you share files with contacts - regardless of what they are. The update also lets you search through the emoji, the option to view photos by swiping up when you're in camera mode, in-conversation text formatting, and design improvements during calls.