The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last weekend was San Diego Comic Con, which I'm always very conflicted about. Conflicted because all the good footage is exclusive to the show floor, and film companies then refuse to release it online. Why? Who knows, especially since it gets leaked in crappy quality anyway. Some say it's to make it more appealing for con-attendees, which I say is bullshit. There are a lot of reasons to go to SDCC (like the exclusive toys, and actually being inside panels), and exclusive footage is a very small part of that.

Basically, give us the damn Infinity War trailer, Marvel.

Anyway, while I vent some steam, here are some apps for you to enjoy.

Firefox Focus (Update)

Free: Android | iOS

Firefox'a mobile privacy-focused browser, which disables trackers and doesn't leave any trace of your browsing history on your phone for snooping eyes to see. This got a small but crucial update this week, making it a better choice for your browsing habits. It now supports downloads (woo), full screen video for most major services (double woo), and updated notifications that lets you open the browser from your notifications bar.


Free: iOS

GIFs are great, and there's certainly no shortage of GIF-making tools out there. But those are all about making stuff from existing footage. Folioscope is a tool that lets you animate your own drawings and doodles, whether you're using your fingers, a stylus, or the Apple Pencil.  The latest update also comes with more design tools, including a colour-specific eraser, bucket-full, layer merging, and more.


Free: Android | iOS

This one is for making your own cinemagraph, which is basically a GIF where only one part of the image is moving. You simply take a short video, and the app will do all the stabilisation for you. Then you simply draw over the area you want to animate, and it'll do all the hard stuff for you.

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls (Update)

Free: Android | iOS

The app for parents to keep tabs on their kids' Switch activities, with some new features to make it easier. Now you can see the play time in more detail, seeing use based on individual profiles and what software they've downloaded. This also includes monthly summaries of everything that's happened, and lets you disable alarms if you want to let your kid play for longer than you originally intended.


£1.69: Windows

If you ever need a fake call to get out of an awkward situation, or feel you might need one ahead of time, this is an app to try out. Using Cortana voice controls, you can have Phoney+ fake a call from some random celebrity characters. Though that's for your amusement, so just tell the person you're with that it's your mum or something.


Free: Android | iOS

An app specifically designed for reviewing all the different beers around the world, letting people share their thought about the different lagers, ales, and whatevers they drink. The point being that you can load up the app, search for a beer, and find out exactly what you're going to end up drinking - without having to pay money and risk disappointment.


Free: Android | iOS

A library of 360-degree video content that's growing all the time, taking you around the world with the specific intention of having you experience new places, cultures, perspectives, and generally expand your outlook on the world. You can use it with a Cardboard headset, or without if that's your preference.

Vortex Cloud Gaming

Subscription: Windows

So this one seems a bit too good to be true, but I suppose it's worth a shot. It's a cloud gaming service that lets you play PC games that your own rig wouldn't normally have the capability to play. There are no downloads or updates to worry about, so you're basically just streaming the game from Vortex's servers. It costs $6 (£4.60) a month in subscription fees, so it's not totally free, but if you can't afford a big expensive PC this might be one for you to try out.

Whink (Update)

£4.99: iOS

A powerful note-taking app, with support for natural handwriting, quick-typing, PDF and photo annotation, audio, post-it notes, cloud back-ups, and more. The latest update overhauls the whole UI, simplifies the look and feel of everything (including the toolbar), and a reduced header that leaves more room for your notes.