The Westworld Season Two Trailer Shows the Park's Dying Throes

By Katharine Trendacosta on at

HBO premiered the first season two trailer of Westworld to a packed house at San Diego Comic-Con. And who could have guessed? The park — you know, the one where the robots who were being horrifically abused by regular humans but then gained sentience and discovered how awful they’ve been treated — is in a lot of trouble.

There are bodies everywhere, but the most telling moments are definitely Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) shooting guests from a horse, William (Ed Harris) putting a black hat back on, and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) in a car with human(?) security guard (Luke Hemsworth).

We also only got one phrase out of showrunner Jonathan Nolan when he was asked during the panel about the possibility of seeing Samurai World in season two: “It doesn’t look like anything to me.”

Westworld returns in 2018.