This Preacher Trailer Introduces Us to the Foul-Mouthed Delight That Is Its Latest Villain

By James Whitbrook on at

Preacher’s Comic-Con trailer, as new villain Herr Starr exclaims in the climax of this trailer, needs to be seen to be believed. And when you hear the context of that quote, you’ll know why the show’s new villain is its weirdest yet.

This hilarious new trailer just played at Preacher’s panel was just shown in San Diego, and while it gives some fun tastes of what’s to come in season two—like Jesse gleefully telling the gang he knows where God is—it’s mainly about introducing us to Herr Starr, the sinister German assassin from the comics. And it’s a pretty remarkable introduction, at that.

In the original comics, Starr was one of the top members of The Grail, a clandestine organization that was dedicated to keeping the bloodline of Jesus Christ pure and intact by any means necessary. In the show, it seems much he’s about the same—but he also wants to work with Jesse in his literal search for God, promising he can help the preacher save the world. Somehow, I have my doubts...