To Combat Kodi Pirates, The Premier League May Stream Its Own Matches

By Ian Morris on at

With the various addons and plugins for Kodi you can stream just about anything, from movies to live football. The latter has everyone panicked because four years of the Premier League's global broadcasting rights are worth around £8.3 billion. BT and Sky both currently pay for broadcast rights, and to stream the matches via their own apps and spin-off services like Now TV. The costs of this have driven some users to try and illegally stream the sports without paying.

This won't be the only consideration for the Premier League and there's the whiff of more money. Sebastián Lancestremère is head of Sport for Microsoft and seems to be going around causing ructions in the sports world by taking about new ways to deliver content and make money. He suggests that the Premier League could increase revenues by a factor of 56 if they could create a Netflix of sport.

That in itself is an interesting idea, could there be an IPTV service that offers live, and perhaps archived matches, for a monthly fee. How much would people pay for this, and how would it affect the relationship with Sky and BT. Presumably, this sort of thing would strike fear into the hearts of broadcasters as it could decimate their business. But it could also see their bills for football drop substantially.

Perhaps the best argument of all for this is that Kodi and the illegal plugins have shown that people are prepared to stream sport. Some like to do it because it's free. Some are prepared to pay for premium IPTV streaming which integrates with Kodi, but is also much cheaper than official services at some £10 per month. That nets them 500 channels, including sports.

Technology is advancing and as usual, the people who do illegal things are finding ways to get services for free, or for a minimal cost. Some do this because they can, some do it because they can't afford Sky Sports, and some just flat-out don't want to pay. However you look at the situation, though, there's money to be made out there if you can deliver people something that's easy and cheap to use. If the Premier League - or even a third party - can put together a Netflix-style service it could be a massive cash cow. [via: DigiDay]

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