Train Punctuality to be Measured by the Minute

By Gary Cutlack on at

Train punctuality stats will soon be measured by the minute, binning the current system where trains are said to have arrived on time if they're at their destinations within five or ten minutes of the scheduled time.

It's part of a drive to tell us more and to encourage the rail franchises to do a better job of keeping to their scheduled promises, with the new guidelines also tracking arrival times at all the intermediate stations along a train's route instead of just seeing if it made it to the end of the line on time.

The Rail Delivery Group says this transparency should make everyone laser-focused on making the trains great again, with the RDG's Paul Plummer saying: "By adopting the most transparent measure in Europe, we want passengers to know that rail companies are putting an even greater focus on ensuring that trains are meeting the timetable, arriving to the minute and at stations along a journey. We are pushing ourselves to drive better punctuality because it will help to deliver a more reliable railway for the whole of Britain."

The system should be in place across the network by 2019, with many franchises planning to offer their minute-by-minute stats from next year. [Rail Delivery Group]

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