UK 5G Tech Trials are Starting in Early 2018

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of three UK universities says it'll have enough hardware cobbled together in order to run a small test of a potential 5G network tech in early 2018, with King's College London and Surrey and Bristol Universities hoping to demonstrate the data transmission protocols of the future rather soon.

Each university will create its own small-scale mobile network, which will then be connected to each other to simulate the mobile phone infrastructure of the near future. The University of Surrey's 5G Innovation Centre director Rahim Tafazolli said: "This exciting programme builds on significant investment and a strong foundation of 5G research and development across the three institutions. The programme will maintain and extend the UK’s leadership position in the race to transform many aspects of everyday life and business through digital transformation."

The government says us accidentally becoming a world leader in 5G technology could add as much as £173bn to the economy by the year 2030, hence it's not bothered about putting up the £16m that'll fund this test network.

But can we make a suggestion? How about Ofcom makes the networks connect the last five per cent of the country first this time, and once everyone in Scotland and Wales and Cumbria are on 5G, then the networks can do the cities? [GOV]

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