UK Wins Battle to Build Full Electric Mini

By Gary Cutlack on at

The forthcoming electric version of BMW's next-generation Mini is to be built in the UK, as the company's bosses have decided that our Oxford base is the best place to knock them out from, despite all the UK/EU/Brexit hoo-haa that had some worrying end production might be handled elsewhere.

This news comes via official confirmation that an all-electric version of the Mini is due in 2019, which is to use a powertrain built in Germany that's then to be assembled into one of the cute little cars in the company's existing plant in Oxford. BMW's only electric Mini option at the moment is a £32k hybrid Countryman with an advertised maximum battery-only range of 26 miles, so it's about due for a full electric upgrade.

Business Secretary Greg Clark said of the choice: "BMW's decision recognises the strength of the excellent workforce, our record of innovation and the productive relationship between the automotive sector and the government."[Oxford Times]

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