Watch As People Steal Game Of Thrones Online

By Ian Morris on at

We've previously discussed how Game of Thrones is the world's most popular show for illegal downloaders, but now you can actually see the scale of the piracy first hand, in this superb visualisation. The creation comes from Abigail De Kosnik at the University of California and artist Benjamin De Kosnik who together run alpha60, a research project.

The study looks at the debut episode of season seven and uses BitTorrent traffic as a way to locate people as they download the files which get shared online shortly after the show airs on HBO in the US. They monitored traffic over a week via three VPN locations - London, Sydney and Toronto. The project has a detailed white paper too, but the really interesting part is the video visualisation of people downloading:

The project looks at the amount of piracy in comparison to the legit viewers too as well as studying how and when people download. For example, the peak download day is the day following the HBO airing, which makes sense as for many people Game of Thrones airs over night in their timezone.

Alpha60 tracked 283,011 viewers on release day and 827,000 the day after. Traffic in the next four days ranged from 351,000 to 447,000. They tracked the downloads compared to other drama shows too, and discovered that Game of Thrones is by far the most downloaded, with House of Cards coming second and some episodes of The Walking Dead popping up in third place.

In terms of cities, Seoul was top with Athens second. Sao Paulo came in third with Guangzhou in China fourth. Mumbai and Bangalore tied up the next two slots with London being the first UK city to hit the chart at position 23, just behind Dallas. [via Alpha60]

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