What's the Biggest Thing You've Taken Home on the Train?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amazing CCTV footage from Australia has shown the lengths some people go to in order to avoid paying a man with a van to transport their things when moving house, with one group of people taking a massive fridge home through the rail system -- and one heroic man transporting a sofa by himself.

Here's the footage, complete with comedic slapstick music:

Sofa-man really needs to admit defeat and ask for help. Rolling it like that's going to ruin it.

So what's the furthest you've got out of your depth transporting something large on a train? An Ikea flat pack chair that seemed larger than you thought and became exponentially heavier and slipperier as the minutes passed? A really thick winter duvet? A dead hitchhiker in a holdall? [Twitter]

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