When It Comes To Electric Cars People Are Ignoring Science And Listening To Idiots

By Ian Morris on at

Apparently some 23% of people think that electric cars are no better at reducing carbon emissions than diesel or petrol-engined vehicles. And 22% don't believe they are better at improving air quality.

And guess what millennials, it's no good blaming old people for ruining everything because 26% of 18 to 34-year-olds refused to believe they were better for air quality.

The West Midlands was the worst, with 35% doubting air quality improvements while the south east is the most receptive to the idea, where numbers are just 16% for air quality improvements and 15% saying they don't reduce carbon emissions.

No one is saying that electricity is made by unicorns screwing and that there's zero environmental impact. Hell, even if it was the unicorn thing they would still create methane, which is a serious problem for climate change. So electric cars aren't perfect, but they offer a lot of advantages by not emitting anything at the tailpipe. This is what's making cities choke with nitrogen dioxide.

The government has been in trouble for breaching air quality rules and 37 areas have gone over the legal limit for nitrogen dioxide. This gas comes mainly from vehicles, so reducing the number of petrol and diesel cars will have a huge impact.

The research comes from Baringa and was based on an online sample of 2005 UK adults during June 2017.

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