You Can Own Top Gear's Reasonably Priced Car For An Even More Reasonable Price

By Ian Morris on at

Top Gear changed the reasonably-priced car segment to the reasonably fast car recently, but before steak-punchgate the show was well known for putting A-list celebrities in their modestly crap car and sending them around the track to get a power lap time. You can now own one such vehicle if you're mad and want a car with a horrible automotive history.

This particular car is a Kia Cee'D and was used on the show between 2010 and 2013. You might remember the took the piss out of the absurdness of calling a car "Cee'D". Once it was finished on the show it was handed back to the Kia dealer who showed it off a bit before flogging it. It now has a Top Gear logo and a Stig sticker as marks of authenticity.

The car has done just 8,400 miles and will cost you just £4,500 on AutoTrader. It comes with the Corbeau racing bucket seats, race harness and roll cage as fitted to keep celebrities nice and safe during recordings.

The advert says it runs well, but there's never been a banger sold that didn't claim to "run nice and smooth". The current owner claims it was well-maintained to keep the stars safe, but really that has very little to do with the amount of abuse the engine saw during its time on the show. Still, if you're buying it you're probably not interested in using it as a daily runaround - it's more likely to be something to talk about.

So if you're concerned you've accrued too much money, and want to vent some of it into the trickle-down economy, head over to Autotrader and get yourself a piece of genuine TV merch. Rumour has it, if you don't have a steak in the boot at all times, Jeremy Clarkson will show up wherever you park and punch you on the kisser.

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