Your Chance To Ride The Secret Undergound Mail Rail Has Just Arrived

By Ian Morris on at

An underground railway used from transporting mail from Paddington to Whitechapel for 75 years is to become a tourist attraction that people can ride from September. Part of the larger Postal Museum, Mail Rail will allow people to have a ride on a portion of the 6.5 mile track which operated until 2003.

The railway will operate with brand new trains that have been custom built to carry passengers. Obviously the original system was never intended to carry anything more organic than a parcel of dried beef. The journey lasts about 15 minutes and is in some reasonably cramped conditions on a train that's run on car batteries.

The Postal Museum also has lots of other stuff going on - it opened today, but the Mail Rail doesn't until the 4th of September - including a look at other methods of transporting post. Visitors will also see things from the time when British Telecom was part of GPO, so there's a big red phone box to show your kids and explain about life before mobile phones.

Tickets for adults are £16 with the Mail Rail and £8 for kids. The biggest problem right now is going to be getting tickets, which are so popular the site is putting users into a queue.

If you want to see some fascinating stuff before going, Londonist sent ever-brilliant Geoff Marshall down to take a look.

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