12,000 Argos Workers Due a Minimum Wage Payout

By Gary Cutlack on at

Something good is about to happen to people who work for Argos for a change, as the retailer has been outed as the UK's worst staff under-payer -- meaning around 12,000 of its employees are about to get a share of the payback kitty.

In total, Argos was found to have underpaid 12,176 of its staff by £1,461,881.78, as it somehow managed to mess up paying people either the minimum wage or the national living wage or properly accounting for unpaid time. It was by far the worst of all the UK's businesses at failing to meet minimum pay rates, as the next worst offender outed by the government's BEIS team was Pearson Anderson Limited, which forgot to pay £49,800.41 to 169 of its workers. [GOV]

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