35 Sex Toys Got Lost on the London Underground Last Year... And 15 Got Reclaimed

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are a lot of reasons to keep an eye on your belongings in public, lest they be stolen or accidentally left behind. You'd think people would keep an extra close eye on any sex toys they might have in their possession. That didn't stop Londoners from losing 35 of them on the Underground last year.

If that sounds bad, you might be horrified to hear that 15 of them actually got reclaimed by their rightful owners.

Four people also lost Viagra tablets (which went unclaimed). Before you get any ideas that everyone in the capital is some sort of sexual deviant, TfL has also revealed some of the other things Tube travellers lost in much higher quantities. They include 34,362 phones, 45,218 bags, 91,867 books, 12,535 sets of keys, and 10,523 umbrellas.

In total there were 329,205 items handed in, up seven per cent from the previous year, of which only two per cent were reclaimed.

If you have ever lost anything on the London Underground, it's well worth contacting the Lost Property Office to try and reclaim them. You can find details on what you can do to get your stuff back here. If you don't try and reclaim them, however, TfL will end up selling your things at auction - the proceeds of which are used to fund the Lost Property office. [London Evening Standard | The Sun]

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