A National Lottery Twitter Campaign Got Hijacked By Trolls Because Of Course It Did

By Tom Pritchard on at

It doesn't matter who you are or what you're doing, if you're doing it on the internet then people are going to try and find ways to fuck with it. The latest example is a Twitter campaign by the National Lottery, which would automatically add a user's name to a placard if they retweeted a post with the #Represent hashtag.

Obviously people used this to make the placards say offensive things. Because of course they did. At this point you'd think marketing executives would take a hint, and stop using automated systems for stunts like this, but no. So naturally you ended up with stuff like this:

As you can see a couple of them are just designed to be silly (do Avon people still exist?), while most of them are obviously meant to be offensive and/or piss people off. As if the way with these things.

It wasn't long ago that Walkers attempted something not too different, with a campaign that had Gary Linekar holding up users' pictures. So people made him hold up pictures of people like Fred West, Harold Shipman, Jimmy Saville, and so on. That particular blunder got a lot of attention, and yet here we are today with another example of how twisted the internet is when it wants to be.

It's about time that people realised that these sorts of marketing stunts always go wrong. If you work in marketing or PR and someone suggests something like this in the future, do us all a favour and slap them. That way the social media manager won't need to grovel when things inevitably go wrong.

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