A New Leak Seemingly Confirms the Galaxy Note 8's Launch Date

By Tom Pritchard on at

These days officially revealing phones are a mere formality. All the leaks mean we know pretty much everything anyway, yet the phone companies still parade their CEOs on stage to show us properly. This latest Galaxy Note 8 leak claims that the phone will be 'unveiled' on 23rd August.

South Korean site ETNews claims to have a roadmap for the upcoming product launch, claiming that the official launch will take place a week on Wednesday ready for release on 15th September. Samsung has yet to confirm any of this, but it does conform to previous rumours.

The site also claims that the pre-order period will be between 1st and 10th September, and if I've understood the information correctly it looks like people who pre-order will receive their phones a few days early: between 11th and 14th September. That last bit seems likely anyway, since Samsung has offered a similar deal to early adopters for the last couple of years.

Obviously we'll be bringing you plenty of coverage on launch day, and will let you know when Samsung actually confirms which day it will be. In the meantime you can check out our round-up of rumours and leaks here. [ETNews via The Independent]

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