Amazon Invents Argos

By Tom Pritchard on at

Amazon has launched a new initiative in the US called Instant Pick-Ups. It's designed to let Prime and Prime Student customers pick-up 'daily essentials' at five fully-staffed locations across the country. You order items through the Amazon app, and it'll be ready for you to pick up two minutes later.

Basically Amazon invented Argos, but with a smaller selection of products.

The five locations are based near university campuses in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Berkeley, Columbus (Ohio) and College Park (Maryland). Products on offer will include cold drinks, food, personal care products, phone chargers, and Echo products.

Ok so it's not Argos, it's a corner shop with extra steps. A corner shop that also sells surveillance devices smart speakers.

Amazon has refused to divulge any sort of pricing structure at the moment, but revealed that Instant Pick Ups might be cheaper than a regular orders from time to time. Not sure how that works, seeing as how the extra staff need paying, but whatever.

Instant Pick Ups will be expanding across the US, and if it's successful there it might end up coming to the UK. You know, that country where we already have plenty of places that sell this stuff at all hours of the day. [Reuters via The Verge]

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