Amazon Prime Student is Getting a Some Extra Perks

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are many great advantages to Amazon Prime, but they do cost money. Students don't generally have a lot of cash they can use to splash out on such luxuries, but Amazon still want their business. Back in my day we just got added to our parents' Prime accounts, but you're not allowed to do that anymore. So Prime Student became a thing, and Amazon is offering them a free six month trial of Prime Student, with a bunch of benefits that are new for 2017.

Ok so the six month free trial has been around for as long as Prime Student has been a thing, but it's a nice reminder that it exists. The new perks are always a bonus, though, and they include access to Amazon ticket pre-sales, unlimited Prime Reading, discounted twitch Prime subscriptions, and access to Amazon's cloud storage services.

Those are on top of the usual perks of free one-day delivery, access to Prime Video and Music, access to Amazon's Lightning Deals, plus discounts on textbooks and Amazon gadgets like the Echo and Fire TV Stick.

Following the end of the trial, students can get a full 12-month subscription to Prime Student for £39 - around half the price of a full Prime membership.

You can sign up for Prime Student here, but you will need a email address or proof of your student status. Amazon also wants information about your course and expected graduation date.

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