An Actor in Sharknado 5 Earned More Than Gal Gadot Initially Got For Wonder Woman

By Dave Meikleham on at

Well, this is certainly... a thing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, an actor in the latest instalment of the seminally shitty Sharknado franchise initially pulled in a bigger pay cheque than Gal Gadot for her career-making turn in this year's fabulous Wonder Woman.

Image: Syfy

Apparently, actor Ian Ziering who's played the part of Fin Shepard in every one of the made-for-TV sci-fi flicks – commanded a $500,000 (£383,000) salary for his role in Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, whereas Gadot's Wonder Woman pay was $300,000 (£229,000). On a side note, sharks don't actually swarm, right?!

These figures are admittedly a little misleading, as the Gadot figure is the actress' base pay – MCU stalwarts like Robert Downey Jr also received a base pay that was under $500k for their various superhero roles. Of course, the actress would have received substantial bonus payments after Wonder Woman's colossal box office success. But STILL... Sharknado is now enough of a thing that its main actor can be paid half a million smackeroos.

Clearly, he was worth every penny.

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