Apple Hid a Job Advert in its Own Website

By Tom Pritchard on at

It doesn't matter what a job is, it will inevitably get multiple applications from people who aren't remotely qualified but still feel they're in with a chance. So companies have come up with clever ways to hide or tailor their adverts, ensuring that people with a specific skill set can actually apply. One such company is Apple, which hid an advert on its website.

The advert in question was for an engineering position, beginning with the text "Hey, you found us!" and going onto detail how the tech giant is looking for "a talented engineer to develop a critical infrastructure component".

The ad, which has since been removed (presumably hidden elsewhere) was discovered by CNET's Zack Whittaker, who happened to be searching for data sent from iPhone apps. Apparently he saw stream traffic was connecting to the URL '', which turned out the be the hidden advert. Sadly at the time of writing the ad has been replaced with an error message.

Despite the chance encounter, Whittaker will not be applying for the job since "Apple is not looking for [him]". He said:

"It's remarkable to see these companies taking innovative ways to entice people to work for them," he said. A lot of times finding a job is down to chance and luck. This definitely keeps things interesting."

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