Armed Police Will Patrol the V Festival

By Gary Cutlack on at

The calm festival atmosphere might be a little bit more stressful than usual this year at the forthcoming V event, as the local police force has confirmed that armed officers will be patrolling the area. Just in case it all kicks off when Craig David insists on playing 90 minutes of new material.

The announcement came in the form of a friendly message from Staffordshire Police, which has set up a bespoke and friendly standalone Twitter feed just to keep attendees up to speed on relevant policing issues. It said: "Introducing armed officers to V is purely a precautionary measure and not due to a specific threat. If you see them, feel free to say hello and maybe grab a selfie (but nothing else!)."

They've also installed concrete "hostile vehicle mitigation" barriers to stop lunatics ramming the crowd, so are clearly a little worried such a high profile summer gathering might be considered a target. [Twitter via NME]

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