Art Installation Swears at Pedestrians as it Can't Understand t'Yorkshire Accent

By Gary Cutlack on at

A piece of public art in Hull that uses voice-to-text technology to display messages has obviously gone wrong, because everything in the history of voice recognition always does and always will, especially outside of the south-east corner of the country.

This particular case involves a local art project called Speaker's Corner, which has plonked a massive digital display atop one tower of the city's tidal surge barrier. The idea is to use a microphone nearby to announce your message to be broadcast on the dot matrix banner, but clearly it doesn't because of what t'people talk like up in Hull.

The technology is supposed to include tools to block the transcribing of rude words, as we all know that's the first thing anyone's going to try. The problem is, regional accents and voice recognition never play well together, so words like "ejaculation" are sneaking through the net and appearing in massive letters in the sky.

Curator Andrew Knight said: "If people do say anything offensive it will only scroll through once and won't be seen again so it isn't like graffiti which can remain for a while. But we trust the people of Hull to use this as intended." [Speaker's Corner via Telegraph]

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