BA Flyer Charged Double for "Strong" Cup of Tea

By Gary Cutlack on at

A loophole that's presumably been in place for decades has finally made a profit for British Airways, after the airline charged a passenger double the usual price for a cup of tea because he requested an extra strong cup.

The anonymous flier was on a trip from the UK to Oslo when the tea related incident occurred, a story he related in fury to The Spectator upon his return. The passenger explained: "Flying to Oslo with BA on expensive tickets, my son and I asked for strong cups of tea. We were told we had to pay double as they sold it by the tea bag. Was I right to be shocked?"

Well yes, you could've just left it in the cup for a bit longer, mate. Or done what most Brits do and make do with a nice, cold, bottle of duty free vodka.

BA revealed some of the trickery it uses in accounting for teas sales by way of response, saying that when buying tea the hot water component is complimentary and passengers may have unlimited refills, but it's the bag that attracts the cost. So when paying for your luxury in-air hot drink, you're really paying for the tea bag itself, while the cups all technically belong to the captain and the stirrers are leased out by the centimetre. [The Sun]

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