BBC and C4 in Cookery Scheduling Custard Pie Fight

By Gary Cutlack on at

The bizarre TV cookery battle that's going on between the BBC and Channel 4 is still rumbling away, even now Bake Off and its BBC recreation are both about to be broadcast after a year of wrangling.

The latest tit-for-tat spat saw Channel 4 announce that it's to screen the first episode of its recently acquired and rebuilt Great British Bake Off on Tuesday nights at 8pm; or exactly the same time on the same day as the BBC's recently launched Big Family Cooking Showdown.

Given that Showdown is the BBC's attempt at recreating Bake Off it's a bit odd to have the two on TV at the same time, although Channel 4 says it was always the plan to show its cooking battle on Tuesdays, so there.

The BBC has blinked first, and moved its competitive cooking battle to Thursday as it's been in trouble before due to competitive scheduling, with a spokesperson saying: "Channel 4's decision to move Bake Off from its long-term traditional Wednesday slot will be a surprise to many viewers who may see this as a cynical move." [Sky News]

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