Booksellers Demand Tax Changes to Thwart Amazon

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amazon's latest tax return created its usual amount of controversy, with everyone suddenly an expert in international taxation laws and thinking it a bit odd that a company so big can somehow end up paying what appears to be such a small tax tab in the process.

And none are more furious than the members of the Booksellers Association, which would like the UK's tax laws to be ripped up to try to stem this yearly Amazon tax outrage. The BA's Giles Clifton is leading the charge this year, saying the current corporation tax current system based on profits alone is a bit unfair when profits are easily gamed figures.

Clifton says Amazon's latest numbers show the virtual retailer is paying just £1 in corporation tax compared with £2.41 of business rate paid by physical booksellers, making for quite an uneven playfield. Or a wonky bookshelf, if you will.

He explained: "This is an annual reminder that the current system of taxation is out of date and discredited. Booksellers should not be unfairly treated by a tax system which penalises bricks and mortar businesses against multi-national, online competition." [The Bookseller]

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