Bristol Hospital Decides to Stop Killing Foxes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bristol's Southmead Hospital caused a minor local outrage last week, when it revealed that it had hired some hardmen to capture and destroy a family of foxes that had made their home outside the hospital's maternity unit.

Now seeing as it was a maternity unit where human babies live and their safety could conceivably be put at risk by a fox coming in and dragging a baby out or spreading some unspecified disease, the hospital obviously though public opinion would be on its side over the cull. But no. People were outraged at the plan to off the animals, so much so that staff were being called murderers in angry Facebook reviews of the premises; so the plan has been paused by health chiefs in the area.

Some people even did a grumpy emoticon in response the original announcement. It was all very nasty. A more recent update from the hospital confirms that no foxes were shot before the order to have them shot was put on hold. [BBC]

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