Competitive Spreadsheet Design is a Thing, and a British Guy is Second Best in the World at it

By Gary Cutlack on at

Did you know there's something called the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship? And that over half a million people entered? And that we, as a nation, nearly won in the Excel category?

Well there is and we did, as we got a press release about it and it would be a weird thing to make up. 22-year-old student Sam Millar from the University of St Andrews is the Brit we need to be proud of, as he impressed the judges with his work enough to win the silver medal in being best at Excel.

Sam got his big cheque in recognition of his skills in Microsoft Excel 2013, with, incredibly, other categories including Excel 2016, Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, Word 2013, and a few other yearly iterations of Microsoft productivity products. The finalists in Millar's contest were given 50 minutes to recreate a complex spreadsheet in Excel.

Simply taking a certification test earned many of the competitors a place in the contest automatically, hence so many people appearing to take part. [MOS World Championship]

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