Cornwall Hasn't Got Enough Pirates

By Gary Cutlack on at

An attempt to break the world record for the number of pirates gathered together in one place has failed, after enthusiasm for ironic fancy dress — not stealing Game of Thrones off the internet — failed to reach anticipated highs.

The shot at gathering the most "pirates" in one place was being organised in Penzance, Cornwall, where organisers had hoped to beat a record held by the seaside town of Hastings for assembling the most people dressed up like pirates. The record stands at 15,000, a number that Penzance failed to hit, despite the attendance of local MP for St Ives Derek Thomas, who wore a bandana and an eye patch and a shirt that may have been part of the costume or may have just been a terrible baggy shirt, and also carried a stick.

The rules stated that to be considered in proper pirate attire at least two items must be worn, so anyone half-heartedly just wearing a hat or carrying a child's sword didn't count, hence Cornwall's failure to be best a being pirates. [BBC]

Image credit: Twitter

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