Cyclists Sue Edinburgh Over Tram Track Crashes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Edinburgh's tram system is being blamed for a spate of cyclist accidents in the city, with a couple of riders suing the local council and the tram operator for damages after falling off.

Two cyclist are leading the charge, with 56-year-old Elizabeth Fairley suing for £50,000 after slipping on a tram line and dislocating her jaw in 2013, along with Ian Lowdean, who's asking for £15,000 for a fall he had on Princes Street in 2012.

Fairly says there have been "numerous" bike accidents in the city, caused in part by the road layouts. It's to do with the angle riders are asked to take when crossing the metal lines, she says, with some junctions asking riders to go over lines at angles of around 30 degrees -- enough to pull wheels in and throw a bike sideways.

The council says well she should've got off then, explaining: "[The tram lines] were clearly visible and did not present a significant risk of an accident to any careful cyclist exercising reasonable care. Careful cyclists requiring to cross tram lines should do so at as large an angle as possible, at slow speed and when taking care. If that cannot be done a cyclist should dismount." [BBC via Cycling Weekly]

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