Dad Creates App to Demand Child Returns Calls

By Gary Cutlack on at

An angry dad has come up with a way of making sure his child responds to his messages. He's built an app that makes the phone go berserk and sets off all the alarms until the child responds.

The app basically turns notification and call tone volumes up to maximum, rendering the phone a social embarrassment and locking access to any other features until the incoming message is read and a response sent. This way, dad can relax and know that his child is alive and safely at a friend's house experimenting with legal highs, alcohol and Pink Floyd, and not dead in the boot of a man's car.

The good news for children of control freak dads is that the app's only available on Android at the moment as iOS probably wouldn't like this sort of remote-attack to be allowed, plus it seems to crash quite a lot, and you have to pay, and it's all a bit weird anyway, DAD. [ReplyASAP via Metro]

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