Deadly Fidget Spinners Could Pierce a Tomato, Warns the BBC

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC's Watchdog investigative-slash-troublemaking programme took an angry look at fidget spinners last night, warning that some versions are sharp enough to slice a tomato or a sausage. They were using tomatoes as pretend child eyes and sausages as substitute child fingers, so please treat this matter seriously.

According to Watchdog, it has been inundated with complaints from sad mums who bought cheap spinners off eBay, only to find they're rough enough to cause mild damage to the soft, mollycoddled skin of their spoilt offspring. One dad grazed his skin on a tiny bit of metal and was interviewed on TV about it as if it was very serious.

The seller told the dad to throw it away rather than offering £10k in compensation, hence he went into the sort of blind fury that only a really long email to Watchdog can sate. The fidget spinner outrage episode is on iPlayer here and starts about 48 minutes in, if you didn't watch the original horror show last night.

Watchdog also bought a few shuriken-style spinners from eBay, then was angry about those too. [iPlayer via Guardian]

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