Despite the Leak, Game of Thrones Still Pulled in Record Numbers This Week

By Tom Pritchard on at

At the tail end of last week the fourth episode of Game of Thrones series 7 leaked, thanks to it being lost by the Indian broadcaster. The leak was pretty dubious quality, and even ran faster than the actual broadcast, but the fact it was freely available prior to the official broadcast doesn't seem to have made a dent in HBO's viewing figures.

Apparently the episode pulled in 10.2 million viewers when it went out at 9pm EST (2am BST), which is the largest initial audience (i.e. the audience who watched it live) that the programme has ever seen. The previous record was 10.1 million, set by the seventh series premiere a few weeks back.

This doesn't take into account the people who watched the episode after the broadcast, including DVR recordings and on-demand streaming, or those who watched it via simulcasts across the world, however. But the Vulture estimates that the US figures will be bumped up to around 20 million when alternative methods of viewing are taken into account.

Sky has confirmed that 2,315,000 people watched the episode on Monday, which includes simulcast viewers, evening viewers, and the people who either recorded the show or used on-demand streaming.

While there don't seem to be any solid figures on how many people downloaded the leaked version of the episode, the slightly dodgy quality might have put them off from watching it. Or at the very least the episode's final scenes were that good, people felt they had to watch it again in decent resolution.

It's nice to hear that piracy isn't actually killing the entertainment industry. At least not in this instance. [The Vulture via BGR]

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