Did You See the Topless Woman in Last Night's BBC News at 10?

By Tom Pritchard on at

If your computer screen is going to be visible during a live news broadcast, it's a good idea to actually do some work rather than skive off. We all saw that Australian banker caught looking at naughty pictures back in 2010, and now something similar seems to have happened with the BBC.

Last night one member of the BBC News newsroom was seen watching a video involving a woman taking off her top. How? Because they were watching the video during the News at 10, right behind presenter Sophie Raworth.

It's believed that the person in question isn't watching porn, rather they're watching an action film with a topless scene. Evidently it's a case of very unfortunate timing, as anyone who's been walked in on during a Game of Thrones sex scene can attest to.

The BBC is said to be investigating the incident. So let this be yet another lesson. If your computer screen might end up on TV, actually do some work instead of looking at naked people. [Metro]

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