Driver Caught Doing 60 With a Phone in Each Hand

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some nutjob with two phones was caught using both of them while driving at 60mph, with police handing him a fine for being really quite stupid.

Due to it being a foreign national, the driver escaped without any points being added to his licence, as there's no standardised EU method of reporting bad drivers to their local authorities. Instead, Surrey Police created the man a temporary UK licence and added six points to it, so he's in trouble if him and his fancy left-hand drive car offend again on our roads.

The police say he was caught as part of Operation Tramline, in which the force uses a plain-paint HGV to drive around in, filming drivers from above in the hope of catching them using electronics in their laps, outing quite a few of them on Twitter for a laugh and a lesson to others in the process. [Surrey Police via Mirror]

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