EE Threatens Ofcom With the Lawyers Over Spectrum Auction

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT's EE mobile division is about to send a scary letter to Ofcom, threatening it with court action over a ruling that future mobile spectrum sales should be capped for some networks.

EE is sad that EE is going to be hit by the spectrum cap, which Ofcom said should stop any one network from owning more than 37 per cent of the UK's radio frequency spectrum -- something that will come in to place when the next round of spectrum auctions for 4G services takes place later this year.

This is not on, according to EE's statement, which says: "...we have made the difficult decision to challenge the proposed structure of the next auction of mobile spectrum. We need to protect our customers’ mobile experience, and help build the platform for the UK to have the highest-quality 5G networks."

This means EE is joining rival Three in complaining about Ofcom's spectrum cap, although Three wants change in the other direction; it says the cap should actually be lowered to no more than 30 per cent per network to stop any operator gaining anything approaching a monopoly. [FT]

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