EVs Sharing Power With Homes Can Improve Their Battery Life

By Gary Cutlack on at

Researchers looking at the various methods of sharing car battery power with the home think they're onto a winner, with one study showing that using an EV's battery to put power back into a home has no ill effects on the vehicle's battery life – and could even make it last a little better.

The vehicle-to-grid technology was being tested by a team at the University of Warwick, that found that through clever use of an algorithm to calculate how much power can be taken from a battery before its performance starts to degrade its overall performance can actually be improved by nearly 10 per cent.

The uni's Dr Kotub Uddin said: "Not only is vehicle-to-grid an effective solution for grid support -- and subsequently a tidy revenue stream -- but we have shown that there is a real possibility of extending the lifetime of traction batteries in tandem."

The test involved running the university's International Digital Laboratory for two years using combined grid and car battery power, finding lower rates of capacity fade and power fade in the cells tested. [Energy via Business Green]

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