Fitbit's Smartwatch Will Apparently Arrive in Time for Christmas

By Tom Pritchard on at

Do you care about smartwatches? Does anyone you know care about smartwatches? Fitbit really hopes so because it's still moving ahead with its previously announced smartwatch, which is now due to arrive in time for Christmas.

Fitbit's plans for its first proper smartwatch (the Blaze doesn't count, for reasons) have been rumoured since it bought out Pebble, with official confirmation arriving in April. Unfortunately that confirmation came with news that the watch had already been delayed, with a tentative Autumn release on the cards. Now it appears to have been delayed again, but according to the company's latest earnings report it should be arriving before the end of the year.

CEO James Park revealed that the watch will be waterproof (up to 50 metres), health and fitness tracking (duh), GPS, and a multi-day battery life.

The question is whether or not people will go out and buy it. Despite the tech industry pushing for their adoption, smartwatches have been notoriously poor sellers. At the very least sales are lower than manufacturers would like. The fact that Apple hasn't released any solid sales figures for the Apple Watch, the best selling smartwatch on the market, seems to indicate that sales haven't been that great - even if they have been on the increase.

Fitbit could really do with a win, however, especially since the fitness tracker market is drying up. With poor Q2 earnings compared with last year ($353 million versus $546 million), and a less than stellar Q1, Fitbit is on track for a loss this year. I imagine a lot of executives are expecting the smartwatch to provide a much-needed boost.

But, you know, it might not. Because smartwatches are dumb. [Fitbit via Engadget]

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