Four People Have Been Arrested for Leaking That Game of Thrones Episode

By Tom Pritchard on at

A few weeks ago, unrelated to the HBO hack, an episode of Game of Thrones leaked online a few days ahead of its broadcast date. The episode was a low-resolution copy of the fourth episode with watermarks labelling it as an internal copy belonging to Indian broadcaster Star. Now four men have been arrested for suspected connections to the leak.

Three of the men seem to be be employees of Prime Focus Technologies, a Mumbai-based company responsible for processing TV episodes Indian streaming service Hotstar, according to local media outlets. The fourth man arrested is apparently a former employee of the company.

Prime Focus Technologies is the one that lodged a complaint with Indian police, with all four are reported to have had log-in details they could use to access the episode. They're being accused of abusing their position to leak it.

While the leak didn't seem to affect viewing figures in the US, Star India has welcomed the arrests and the quick pace of the investigation:

"We are deeply grateful to the police for their swift and prompt action. We believe that valuable intellectual property is a critical part of the development of the creative industry and strict enforcement of the law is essential to protecting it."

All four men have been charged with criminal breach of trust and computer related offences and are being held in custody until 24th August. [BBCAFP via Torrent Freak]

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