Galaxy Note 8 Pre-Orders Are Now Open, Here's Where You Can Get One

By Tom Pritchard on at

In case you somehow hadn't noticed, Samsung revealed its Galaxy Note 8 phablet this afternoon. It's a nice looking phone with a hefty price tag attached, but if you simply must have one here are all the places that are accepting pre-orders right now - or will be in the very near future.

All pre-orders placed by 14th September will come with a free DeX dock, to easily put your phone on the big screen.


Buying direct from Samsung will cost you £869, SIM free.

Carphone Warehouse

There are many different deals over at the Carphone Warehouse, across multiple networks. Check them out for yourself to find one that's right for you.


EE has the midnight black and maple gold variants of the phone available on a number of tariffs, starting at £58 a month (plus £90 up front) for 24 months. That gets you unlimited calls and texts, three months of free BT Sport, and 5GB of data with speeds up to 60MBps. The phone is also available with a premium 4GEE Max plan that offers faster speeds and 24 months of free access to the BT Sport app.

EE also confirmed that Note 8 owners will get the usual perks, including a free six month subscription to Apple Music, and Wi-Fi calling.


O2 will be stocking the Note 8, with tariffs starting at £53 a month and a £190 up-front fee. That's quite a lot of money to dish out, but it gets you 3GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, and a 'free gift' the specifics of which aren't detailed.

As with all O2 contracts, getting a Note 8 with the network nets you the usual Priority bonuses, including exclusive offers, advance ticket sales, and VIP treatment at O2-sponsored events. Select tariffs will also be allowed to upgrade after 12 months. Just in time for the Note 9.

Sky Mobile

Sky is offering what it claims is the cheapest Note 8 tariff, with prices starting from £38 a month (with no up-front cost). That gets you 500MB of data, and unlimited calls and texts for Sky TV customers. Non Sky TV customers will have to pay an extra £10 a month, which ups that tariff to £48.

Paying an extra £12 a month also means you can take out a 12 month contract and upgrade a year earlier than normal.


Three has confirmed that it will stock the Note 8, but listings haven't appeared on its store. Like any other phone, going with Three will get you the Feel at Home perk, that lets you use your allowance in 60 countries across the world - including the EU, USA, and Australia. Also included is Go Binge, which lets you stream music, TV, and films without using up your data.

Three will also be giving customers a DeX, presumably if they too pre-order the phone.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin has a number of contracts available, with prices starting at £43 a month. That gets you 300 minutes, unlimited texts, and 300MB of data. That's with no upfront cost.

The network is also offering customers a free Samsung DeX and a 64GB microSD card as part of the deal, but only if you pre-order.


You can pre-order the Note 8 from Vodafone here, on a variety of different tariffs. The current lowest monthly price is £43 a month, with £270 up front. That gets you 1GB of data, unlimited minutes, ad unlimited texts. That also comes with a three month trial of Vodafone's Secure Net internet security service, and Vodafone's global roaming - which gives you free use of your allowance in 50 countries across the world.