German Courts Find Man Guilty of Trying to Con ISIS Out of £163,000

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you can't beat them, pretend to join them and hopefully make yourself some cash along the way. That's probably what went through the head of this guy, who's just been found guilty in a German court for trying to cheat ISIS out of  €180,000 ( £163,324).

The 39-year old hairdresser, who is originally from Damascus, was sentenced to two years in prison and granted legal protection from the terrorist group. Evidently he had tried to get Islamic State operatives to transfer him the money with the promise that he would then carry out terrorist attacks within Germany.

According to Mail Online the man originally contacted an ISIS agent in December of last year, asking for the money in order to "purchase vehicles which he could load with explosives and which he wanted to drive into crowds...and blow up in order to kill unknown numbers of people who do not follow the Muslim faith". Prosecutors said that messages found on his phone said each vehicle would be re-painted and packed with 400-500 kilos of explosives - which would cost €22,500 ( £20,415) each.

The prosecution had argued that the man should be found guilty of the more serious offence of planning to carry out attacks on behalf of the militant organisation. The judge did not agree, even though the money was never transferred, and ruled that the defendant was simply trying to obtain the money under false pretences.

A court spokeswoman told Reuters that both sides have launched appeals with the Federal Supreme Court.

While the man wasn't successful, the whole story is rather funny. Maybe this is how intelligence services should be dealing with terrorists groups around the world, rather than trying to fight them at their own game. It probably wouldn't take them long to realise what's happening, but the less money they have to spend on their twisted campaigns the better. [Reuters | Mail Online]

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