Got Your A-Level Results? Nando's Will Give You Free Chicken

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today is A-Level results day. That day when teenagers across the country find out if they got into their first-choice university, their back-up, or if they have to hunt for something through clearing. Whatever the results are, there are two things you can know for certain today. The first is that in three-four years time those results will be meaningless, and the second is that you can use them to get yourself free food at Nando's.

It's a yearly tradition for the chicken-based restaurant, and anyone who got their A-Level results today (or an equivalent BTEC) can head down to their nearest branch to claim a free 1/4 chicken. Alternatively you can pick a free starter (apart from Wing Roulette and All Together Now) or a Fire-Starter if you're one of those people that doesn't eat meat. You just need ID and a copy of your results.

There are some catches though. The first is that you have to spend at least £7 to qualify for the freebie, you can only claim it once, and it's only valid today. Scottish students are out of luck too, since they had a free chicken day on 8th August - the day when students receive their Highers.

So what are you waiting for? Free stuff is free stuff, and god knows you'll need to save a bit of money when you're a student. [Metro]

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