Greggs' New Drive-Thrus Let You Enjoy a Cornish Without Leaving Your Car

By Tom Pritchard on at

Pasties are one of those things we all enjoy, whether you're a fan of the Cornish pasty, a steak slice, or prefer to go for the good old fashioned sausage roll. But if you ever felt like buying one was too much of a hassle, Greggs has you covered with the announcement that it will be launching its own drive-thrus across the country.

The decision was made after a successful trial in Irlam, which showed Greggs that customers want convenient access to all their favourite pastry-based foodstuffs. There was nothing very revolutionary about it, though, making it no different to a drive thru at McDonalds or any other fast food outlet. It does, however, mean you can grab a chicken bake without having to park your car and stand in a long queue of people.

The downside is that the drive-thru menu will be more limited than the one available in store, sticking with the classic things like sausage rolls and the like. So if you wanted a quick pot of porridge on your way to work, you might have to look elsewhere.

So far the company hasn't announced where it will be opening the new drive-thrus, but it has revealed that it has plans to open 130 new locations across the country. That number does include traditional 'walk in' shops too, so don't get your hopes up for a Greggs drive-thru in very town just yet.

Wherever they do end up, it's clear that Greggs is really gunning for making itself more convenient for everyone. Though we can all agree that drive-thrus are a lot more useful than limited delivery trial that took place earlier this year. [London Evening Standard]

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