Hackers Take Control of Cardiff Screen, Use it to Display Offensive Things

By Tom Pritchard on at

Everything can be hacked if you try hard enough, even those electronic displays you see dotted around the world. Sometimes people use it to publicly display porn, others anime, or even a very polite message warning of poor security. One of those displays got hacked in Cardiff last night, and those guys used it to display various offensive messages and imagery.

The hack, which took place on Queen Street in the heart of Cardiff city centre, was apparently hacked by members of 4chan's politics board - better known as /pol/. Or they at least seem to be taking credit for it.

As you can see from the images the stuff they chose to display included swastikas, the alt-right's favourite mascot Pepe the Frog, big brother images, and a fake declaration that the area was under Sharia Law. I shudder to think what Fappy Mondays might look like.

South Wales Police received a number of calls about the sign, and released the following statement to Wales Online:

On Tuesday evening South Wales Police received a number of calls relating to concerns regarding messages being displayed on the screens in Queen Street, Cardiff. We alerted the city council and will investigate any crimes which may have been committed.

The screen, which is run by BlowUpMedia, has since been switched off, and presumably will be getting a security overhaul. [Wales Online via The Next Web]

All these images apparently came from /pol/

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