Half-Life Writer Marc Laidlaw Shares What Looks Like the Plot of Half Life 2: Episode 3

By Tom Pritchard on at

As far as absent video games go, none are quite so lusted after like the Half Life 2: Episode 3 - now more widely referred to as Half Life 3. Valve won't even tell us if the game is still in development, but former Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw seems to have given us a glimpse at what the plot could have been.

He tweeted out something titled 'Epistle 3', which seems to contain the overall plot of the game - albeit with some changes that poorly mask everything that's going on. Like calling Gordon 'Gertie Freemont'.

Laidlaw's site is, as expected, over-encumbered with traffic and currently inaccessible. Thankfully Archive.org has a copy of the page in question, so you can read it for yourself. There's also a version with the correct names on PasteBin if you can't get your head round these gender-swapped characters.

No spoilers here, so if you want to see what could have been you know where to look. Now we have it, though, I would not be surprised if someone ended up making a version of it in Gary's Mod. [Engadget]

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