HBO Hackers Promise to Leak Two New Episodes, Even Though There's Only One Left to Leak

By Tom Pritchard on at

HBO got hacked, that we know, and the hackers demanded a lot of money to prevent stuff leaking. That includes alleged Game of Thrones scripts, GoT  stars' contact information, and episodes of other HBO series. Noticeably missing, of course, were episodes of HBO's flagship series. A couple have leaked online, but not because of the hack.

Now, though, the hackers have promised another two episodes will get leaked "as soon as possible". Even though there's only one episode of the seventh series that hasn't already been leaked or broadcast.

Ok so the threat was actually made a couple of days ago (via Mashable) before episode six was broadcast on HBO. But that's still a few days after HBO Spain accidentally leaked the episode all by itself. To show they were serious, however, the hackers sent Mashable all the log-in information for HBO's social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Giphy.

While the site didn't test their authenticity, the fact HBO's profiles were hijacked last week shows they have access - regardless of whether they sent Mashable the right details or not.

HBO apparently refused to comment on the situation, reiterating that it's not in communication with the hackers and will not respond to every single piece of information they reveal. The company admitted there was some sort of cyber incident, but claims the hackers are releasing small pieces of information to get media attention. It's a game HBO is unwilling to take part in.

If hackers do have the episode to hand, and really want to make some waves, they'd be better off releasing it sooner rather than later. Otherwise someone else might beat them to it, or more people might start dismissing them as attention seekers.

Game of Thrones episode six aired on HBO and around the world in the early hours of this morning, and will be broadcast at 9pm tonight on Sky Atlantic. The seventh and final episode is due next Monday. [Mashable via Ubergizmo]

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