Here's What Happens When an AI Names British Towns

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Artificial intelligence networks have already come to the rescue of craft brewers, metal bands, and guinea pig owners who are looking for wacky new names. Now, digital consultant Dan Hon wants to use those same neural networks to help Britain come up with even more amusing place names.

It’s not that the country necessarily needs help when it comes to humourously naming quaint towns and villages. We've already come up with locales like Papplewick, Blubberhouses, and Picklescott. But these neural networks are just sitting around collecting dust—or generating terrible paint colour names—so Dom figured this was as good a task as any for the machine learning tools.

After feeding it a dataset of almost 50,000 real British place names, the neural network generated a list of over 4,500 fake ones.

Image credit: Medium/Dan Hon

It's hard to pick a favourite. Stankley Stedale? Borkeston Moor? Then again, Borble Benk is lovely this time of year. [Medium - I trained an A.I. to generate British placenames via Boingboing]

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